About Us

We help small businesses find the right people. Fast.

Finding qualified candidates is tough.  Job boards feel like a waste of time and money, and finding good people gets pushed off as other tasks take priority.  Recruiting the right people is a full-time project, but you already have a full-time job.  You need to hire someone because you and your team are overworked.  But when you start recruiting, your other daily tasks pile up, so you and your team become more overworked.  It’s a vicious cycle.


See How Crush Helps

  • Proactively recruit outside of job boards
  • Screen candidates.
  • Review resumes.
  • Promote your company to prospective candidates.
  • Schedule and manage all interviews.
  • Keep candidates up to date.
  • Assist with salary negotiations.
  • Check candidate references.

You can see how these things can pile up. Crush helps you stay on top of hiring by managing the process from end-to-end.

How We Started

In 2018, we started thinking about how typical recruiting agencies operated.  There was a major disconnect between the agency goals and the client’s goals.  Agencies and job boards were choosing quantity, and leaving clients with a big stack of resumes to sort.

We believe the value we bring is in eliminating work for you, not adding to it. Instead of sending you countless, barely-qualified resumes, we send you 3-5 highly qualified resumes of candidates with whom we’ve already screened.


What We Do

All we do is direct hire, permanent placement recruiting. We partner with growing businesses across the country to find local or remote employees.

Value and Beliefs

We Believe in Transparency

We Act With Integrity

We Believe People are Good

We Are Grateful For Everything

Let Crush do the work and
find the right person for the job

Find out how Crush helps you build your team. Start interviewing candidates for free. That’s right. Interview top candidates for free and pay absolutely nothing if you don’t make a hire.